The Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

The Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

Hemp Oil. CBD Oil. What does it all mean? 

A lot of confusion surrounds the CBD oil vs Hemp oil debate—and reasonably so! Both terms are often used interchangeably in the CBD industry. However, Hemp oil and CBD oil aren’t the same. Though both are promising products, they do have their fair share of differences, which may be a deciding factor when choosing the right CBD for you. So, which shall you pick? Let’s take a closer look at each product. 

What Is Hemp Oil? 

Hemp oil, also known as hemp seed oil, refers to oil extracted from the hemp seeds of a Sativa plant. Hemp growers must press the hemp seeds using quality extraction equipment. From there, the hemp oil may go through vigorous processing and refinement before being bottled up. Hemp oil contains key nutrients such as protein, vitamin E, and omega fatty acids. 

Benefits of Hemp

Although both CBD and Hemp oil work similarly in potentially improving health and wellness, Hemp oil provides more nutritional support. This is largely due to the mineral compounds and healthy fats the oil contains.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil refers to the oil extracted from the  Sativa plant. Unlike Hemp oil, CBD oil isn’t derived from seeds. Instead, CBD is extracted from the plant’s stems, leaves, flowers, and stalks. Several extraction methods can remove CBD from the Sativa plant, from solvent to solvent-less extraction. The extraction process also plays a significant role in the CBD quality. 

Benefits of CBD

When it comes to the benefits, CBD oil takes reign. Although Hemp oil contains nutritional power, it doesn’t give you the same potency as CBD. CBD is a compound that connects with specific receptors of our Endocannabinoid System (ECS), a network found throughout the body that helps it regulate physiological and cognitive performances, including sleep, mood, pain sensation. Emerging studies suggest that the use of CBD can help the body maintain physiological balance called Homeostasis.

CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil: Similarities and Differences

In conclusion, both Hemp Oil and CBD oil can come from the same plant. However, the difference stems from where they are derived. While CBD oil is extracted from various areas of the plant, hemp oil is removed from the hemp seeds of the plant. 

Though both are non-intoxicating, CBD oil can contain up to the legal 0.3% THC based on federal law. Hemp oil, however, does not contain THC at all. Hemp oil is rich in protein, vitamin E, omega fatty acids, and other nutrients but can not give you the “entourage effect.” Learn more about the “entourage effect” and the different forms of CBD products from our previous blog post: Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolate: What is the difference? – BVVCBD

Which One Is Best for Me?

It all boils down to why you’re using it. Both CBD oil and Hemp oil can benefit your body in different ways. If you’re sensitive to THC or are pretty adamant against THC (even if it’s a low and non-intoxicating dosage), Hemp oil does not contain THC, and therefore would be the better choice. 

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